Download & Transfer YouTube videos to Microsoft Surface RT smoothly


Most of you may have the experience downloading some YouTube videos and playing on your PC and portable media devices offline. While, did you have the poor experience that the videos transferred to your media device are out of video-audio sync or not smooth.

I’m currently using Microsoft Surface RT 32GB. Just using like normal tablet (install several apps…that’s it). I downloaded a video from YouTube (via YTD application) from When I play those videos on Surface RT, video and audio are out of sync and not smooth after a conversion(I found Microsoft Surface RT can’t support the download file format).

Searched further and widely, tried a pile of video converter, it seems that Brorsoft Video Converter is the only one I found, that is capable of converting into a format that can be played on Microsoft Surface RT and with perfect A/V synchronization– I’ve purchased the software. This video convert tool can fully support 1080p, 720p videos like MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, VOB, MTS, MOD, 3GP and to any format you want. Plus, the software actually features presets for all the popular media players on markets, including iPad, Android tablets (Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 7/10, Kindle Fire HD, Transformer tablets, Iconia tabs, etc) and the latest Microsoft Surface RT, Surface Pro slab. And the output quality is perfect. If you also want to put some Youtube videos to Microsoft Surface RT or other Android, iOS, Windows 8 tablet, just download the video converter and read on the page.

How to convert YouTube Flash videos for Microsoft Surface RT


Step 1: After installation of the smart Microsoft Surface Video Converter, click “Add video” icon to import your source files.

Step 2: Click the Format bar, follow Windows > Microsoft Surface Windows RT/Pro H.264 Video (*.mp4), which is the best output format for Microsoft Surface tablet.

Step 3: Start converting YouTube videos to Surface RT tablet friendly mp4 video.

When the conversion ends, you can easily add and play YoutTube video on Microsoft Surface RT on the go. Have a good time. Any question, please leave your words.

The best way to put MKV files in DTS audio to Galaxy S4 for HD playback


I tried playing a sample in my Galaxy S4 that I just got. I was surprised to see that there was no audio on it. The video is awesome. There is no audio on speaker or on headset or with a 5.1 head set. I am trying my best to get the audio on HD files. I checked other 1080p or 720p MKV Files, and tried to install the Dice Player to hope it does that. Whereas, a big pity, I played some 1080p .mkv with Dice Player (it says it can play .mkv files), but still no audio on Galaxy S4.

Searching further and widely; some guys’ words give me a hint. “You are aware that MKV is merely the container for the audio and video streams? It gives no actual guarantee as to what the audio stream has been coded as. You would need to check that and see if the S4 supports that audio format…”

When I got the detailed info of my MKV video that comes with audio issues, I found that they are encode in DTS audio. Yes, that is the definite cause of the problem. Samsung Galaxy S4 can’t support DTS audio at all, and even some third-party video player can’t handle well. So, the optional choice is that I need to transcode MKV in DTS audio to Galaxy S4. I feel like I might loose some audio or video quality but I may be wrong but that’s how I like it.

One of my friend recommend Brorsoft Video Converter (It also has a Mac version). The software is ease of use. I download the trail version and convert my 1080p, 720p .mkv movies to a Galaxy S4 highly compatible format H.264 MP4. So, I can play it freely on S4 even without a 3rd party video player app. In fact, besides MKV, this software can support converting kinds of video files WMV, AVI, MTS, VOB, TiVo, MOV, MPG, MPEG, M2TS, etc to any format you want. The most important is that the conversion quality was great! The quality of the conversion was beyond expectation- the files looks as good as from the original. Very clean, very quick, very impressive.

Anyone who has the similar issues can follow the tutorial below presenting the 1080P/720P DTS encoded MKV to MP4(.aac audio) conversion process.

How to Encode MKV with DTS audio to Samsung Galaxy S4?


1. Download the MKV to Galaxy S4 Converter, install.

downloadwin.gif Download for Windows downloadmac.gif Download for Mac

2. Start video converter to import MKV file. Set output video format as mp4. Here I recommend you “Samsung > Samsung Galaxy S III Video (*.mp4)” which is a format specially designed for Galaxy S3 but also works for the S4.


Tip: There are also some optional tinkering you can take to make the videos look better on your Samsung S4 screen, such as changing the aspect ratio or specifying the video resolution by clicking the Settings icon.

3. Convert MKV with DTS audio to mp4 for Samsung Galaxy S4.

4. Drag the mp4 file to your Samsung Galaxy S4 and enjoy.

In this way, you can play DTS encode MKV on Galaxy S4 at ease.


1. What is DTS file format?

Multi-channel audio file encoding method, saves five tracks for surrounding sound. Sometimes referred as 5.1 channel.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 supported file format?

Audio codec: MP3, AMR-NB/WB, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AC-3

Video codec: MPEG4, H.264, H.263, DivX, DivX3.11, VC-1, VP8, WMV7/8

Nexus 10 video playback tips- Stream films from Nexus 10 to TV wirelessly


I am an Android guy through and through. I am in the market for a tablet and leaning towards a 10 incher, specifically the Nexus 10. However it is 2012, the wireless age, and I want the ability to stream any and all of my media from my tablet to my HDTV and home stereo system, from any place in the house.

I think most of you may also be crazy for wanting to stream HD Youtube videos to the big screen from your couch, kitchen, etc. Be crazy for wanting to stream music with a solid interface from your tablet ANYWHERE in the house to your surround stereo receiver. Miracast is similar to AirPlay. It was announced with Jelly Bean 4.2 android OS. Nexus 4 officially supports Miracast. Nexus 10 tablet was supposed to have Miracast builtin, but frustratingly it does not seem to. It might be available as update in the near future. So, how to stream films from Nexus 10 to TV wirelessly?

How to connect Nexus 10 to TV using android apps similar to AirPlay

You can use android apps and WiFi to connect Nexus to TV. Your TV needs to be DLNA ready. If Your TV is not DLNA ready, You can use any other devices like Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, Blu-ray Players etc to connect Nexus 10 to TV. These Android apps for AirPlay include iMediaShare Lite, Twonky, doubletwist & AirSync etc. You can stream music, photos, videos from Nexus 10 to TV and most home devices.

Here I have successfully connect Nexus 10 to TV via Apple TV using AirSync

AirSync is a paid app and costs $5. It is the most loved app for AirPlay. If you have an Apple TV and android phone or tablet like Nexus 7, Nexus 10, this app is a must to stream videos, music, photos on to your big screen TV.

a. Download & Install AirSync from Google Play Store to your Nexus 10 Tablet.

b. Enable AirPlay by going into Air Sync Settings > Air Twist & Air Play > Enable Streaming

c. In the “Allow Network” popup, Tap Allow to allow AirTwist to use WiFi connection.

d. Play music or video on your Nexus 10, you will see a new WiFi like icon. Tap on this icon & select “Apple TV” in the popup. This icon appears in landscape mode only for videos.

e. You should see music or video playing on your TV.


Aside Notes:

1. AirSync AirPlay works for Apple TV 2nd and Apple TV 3rd generations only. That was easy setup to connect Nexus 10 to TV for video/music/photo streaming. This app also syncs your iTunes playlists & songs & videos between your android Nexus 10 tablet or android phone with PC or Mac. I will go to try from the other apps and see if it works.

2. Some other video playback tips for Nexus 10:

Once I got some personal video files on my computer and want to transfer them to Nexus 10 for playback on the go. While, the Nexus 10 video format is limited to MPEG4, H.263, and H.264, so MKV, WMV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, MTS, M2TS, MOD, TiVo, VOB are not recognized by Nexus 10. I need to format these files first. The best Nexus 10 Video Converter from Brorsoft is the app I’m using to help me get rid of the problem. It helps me convert any video to Nexus 10 format like MP4 at ultra fast speed with the best quality video. If you are facing the same problem, try it.

Have a good time.

A fast way to get AVI files onto Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for smooth playback


Just got my new Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 for days. I have many AVI videos and want to view them on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, but I got the trouble- some files can be played well on Tablet 3, some files can not. I’m searching for the quick fix to get out the trouble for a smooth playback on my Tab 3.

As far as I know, Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 can support a wide variety of video formats(AVI/DIVX, WMV/ASF, FLV, MKV, MP4/3GP, WEBM), including AVI video format. But unfortunately, it seems it’s impossible to watch all the AVI files on Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. The real reason is that AVI is a container format. It can be encoded by different codecs, some of the codecs may not compatible with Galaxy Tab 3 tablets, so we’ll have problems when playing these AVI movies on your Tab 3, even with some popular Android video player like MX player, Mobo, etc. In that case, to play these AVI videos on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, we need to convert them to H.264 or MPEG-4 encoded format first. Here is the tutorial share with you.

Download and install Brorsoft Video Converter, which is the optimal tool I prompt here. Overall, the program can be used as an all-in-one video conversion app for Galaxy Tablets. Besides AVI, it can also help you encode/re-encode almost all 1080p/720p HD videos including MKV, VOB, MPG, MOV, TiVo, MTS etc. for Galaxy Tab 3 10.1/8.0/7.0, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S3/S4 and other Android tablets or phones. It has an equivalent Mac version entitled Video Converter Mac, which can convert .avi videos to Galaxy Tab 3 on Mac OS X (Include Lion and Mountain Lion).

Converting AVI files to MP4 for Galaxy Tab 3 10.1/8.0/7.0

Step 1: Install and run the AVI to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter, click Add button to import your source AVI videos. Batch conversion is supported so that you can add multiple files.


Step 2: Click on the dropdown menu of “Format”, here you can choose Samsung > Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Video(*.mp4) as the target format. It ensures the best video quality on Galaxy Tab 3.


Step 3: If you like, you can click “Settings” to change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish. According to my experience, the file size and video quality is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss, and vice versa.

Step 4: In the end, click the “Convert” button to start encoding AVI movie files to MP4 format for playing on Galaxy Tab 3 tablet.

P.S. If you wanna to get a powerful one-stop program to convert videos, Blu-ray movies and DVDs to your Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and other Android, iOS, Windows RT/8 etc. based devices simultaneously saving time and effort, Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate will be your best choice.

Tips and tricks for New Google Nexus 7 (2013)


You have questions, we have the new Nexus 7. This is the device so many of us have been waiting for — the successor to the original Nexus 7. With a new design, improved internals and a serious bump in screen resolution, the new Nexus 7 seems to check all of the boxes on paper. In this page, we’d like to share some helpful tips and tricks for Google Nexus 7 (2013).

How to rotate your orientation

By default, your new Nexus 7 will be locked to portrait orientation. To switch to landscape, pull down the notification bar and then tap on the orientation icon next to the date. You can also unlock the orientation via Settings > Accessibility > Auto-rotate.

How to turn off system sounds

You’ll notice audio cues every time you tap on the screen of the Nexus 7, but you can turn them off. Go to Settings > Sound and uncheck the boxes next to Touch sounds and Screen lock sounds if desired.

Need more storage space?

The Nexus 7 has limited storage so you should take advantage of cloud services. Start with Google Music where you can store up to 20,000 songs and stream them to your device. You can also use cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox to store all kinds of files and share them easily and wirelessly between your laptop, smartphone, and other devices.

You could also invest in an OTG or USB Host cable which plugs into your Micro USB port and offers a full-size USB port at the other end. This will allow you to use a Flash drive as extra storage space for movies or other files.

How to watch video and stream via DLNA

The native Android video app is unlikely to support every video file or format that you want to play on your Nexus 7, especially if you have a movie collection on your computer that you want to play on your tablet. There are quite a few apps you might consider such as MX Player or DicePlayer. (Some apps, such as MX Player, have not yet been optimized for Android 4.3, so, if you encounter problems then keep an eye out for an update or go to download and install the app Brorsoft Video Converter or the ]Mac version, which help you convert any video files to the new Nexus 7 playable format.)

P.S. Video Playback Tips for Nexus 7:

You may also want to grab a DLNA app from the Google Play Store so you can wirelessly stream photos, audio, and video to and from your Nexus 7 to other DLNA devices such as your HDTV, PlayStation 3, or music system. We like Skifta because it’s super easy to use.

How to install Flash

Flash is not supported by default on the Nexus 7 or by the Chrome browser, but you can get it working.

First, you’ll want to install an alternative browser, Firefox or Dolphin is recommended. Then you’ll need to grab the Adobe Flash Player APK from outside of Google Play. Here’s a link to get it at the XDA Developer’s Forum. You will need the “install from unknown sources” option enabled as described above. Once Flash is installed, you should be able to play Flash content on your Nexus 7. (You may have to request the desktop version of websites; you can do this in Firefox by entering the menu then Settings > More and check the box next to Request Desktop Site.)

How to stream YouTube or Netflix to your HDTV

We brought you the news on Google’s new $35 device, Chromecast which plugs into an HDMI slot on your HDTV and allows you to stream content from apps like Netflix, Chrome, and YouTube on your Nexus 7. It’s definitely the easy way to stream content and use your Nexus 7 as a remote control. If you order the device then you’ll also need the Chromecast app.

You could also consider getting a SlimPort to HDMI adapter which plugs into the micro-USB port and allows you to plug your Nexus 7 directly into your HDTV.

If you have any more useful New Nexus 7 tricks or handy tips of your own to suggest then please post a comment and share them. Enjoy.


The way to transfer videos/music/photos to Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8


The Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the very first smartphones to come running Windows Phone 8. For this new generation of Lumia, Nokia has kept the original Lumia style and manufacturing technology. If you got the new Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920, you may want to transfer your media like songs, photos, videos from your computer or old phone to new Windows phone.

As you know, copy data like music etc to your windows phone using USB cable may be fastest way. This is true, if you don’t want to install any software on your computer. Then, how to transfer music/photos/videos to Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8? There are two options for you:

Method 1: Copy music/photos/videos to Nokia Lumia 920 manually

Connect your Nokia Lumia 920 to PC using USB cable. Your phone will show up Windows Phone under My Computer. as and copy music, videos, photos, documents etc to respective folders like Computer\Windows Phone\Phone\Music, Computer\Windows Phone\Phone\Pictures\Saved Pictures, Computer\Windows Phone\Phone\Videos etc. If your media is on Android phone, you need to copy data from android phone to computer first.

Method 2: Transfer music/photos/videos to Nokia Lumia 920 using Windows Phone app

Windows Phone app for desktop allows you to sync media from Windows Media libraries or iTunes. If you are on Mac, use Windows Phone app for Mac.

1. Download Windows Phone app for desktop & Install to your computer. Open this program.

If you have older version of this program, Uninstall it first before installing it again. Look for Windows Phone under uninstall programs.

2. Connect your Windows Phone Lumia 920 or Lumia 820, etc to your computer.

3. You can select iTunes or Windows Libraries to sync music, videos, photos. Select depending on where you have your media.


4. Select songs, artists, albums or genres, videos, photos to sync to Lumia 920 Windows Phone.


5. Click on the sync button to start sync. Your music, photos, videos will be synced to Window Phone.

Above these are TWO simple ways for you to copy or transfer video/audio/photo files to Nokia Lumia 920. Hope it can be useful to you.

P.S. Before adding video files to Nokia Lumia 920 for smooth playback, the priority you need to concern is the Lumia 920 video format. From its specs, we know its video format is limited to H.264, H.263, MPEG-4. If you want to transfer other videos to it, you need to change the format first.

Here you can go to download and install Brorsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, the best Nokia Lumia 920 Video Converter Ultimate on your PC. This video converter is the one I’m using now that helps me convert any HD video like AVI, MKV, MTS, M2TS, MOV, TiVo, FLV, WMV, etc, as well as Blu-ray, DVD movies to Nokia Lumia at ultra fast speed with high output quality. Plus, this video converter allows you to edit your video files like cropping, trimming, adding 3D effect, adding image/video/text watermark, etc as you need. If you are Mac users, the iMedia Converter for Mac is the alternative choice.

Samsung Galaxy S4 user tips- The way to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC/Mac

Learn how to connect the Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC or Mac and enjoy using your smartphone to stream/transfer video, music or view pictures on the device. You can connect your Galaxy S4 to a PC/Mac within three steps. Just follow these steps.

We have to admit Galaxy S4 is the outstanding smartphone in the market from Samsung. So you decided to join the ranks of Android and the millions of happy Galaxy S4 owners. But it can be troublesome to setup your phone at the beginning. So I decided to search for you some little tricks you can use to better know and use your phone. I’ve rounded up some tips. And in this page, I will quickly walk you through how to connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to a PC/Mac and transfer data including videos, photos, audios between both devices.

Once connectivity is achieved, you can transfer files using the interface of your operating system. In Windows, you can find the device listed as removable disk under Computer, while Mac users can find the device listed on the Finder.


This is a graphical user interface that allows for transfer of music, photos, and videos between your Samsung Galaxy S4 and your PC. To download this App, for Windows or Mac, visit the Samsung website.

File Format Supported By Samsung Galaxy S4:

The Galaxy S4 supports audio files in WAV, MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MIDI, XMF, EVRC, QCELP, WMA, FLAC, OGG formats and video files in Divx, H.263, H.264, MPEG4, VP8, VC–1 (Format: 3gp, 3g2, mp4, wmv(asf), avi, mkv, flv) format.

P.S. I successfully transferred some MKV files from my PC to Samsung Galaxy S4, but I can’t play these files on the phone. Someone gave me a hint that the Galaxy S4 can’t support MKV files encoded in DTS audio. I’ve changed MKV to MP4 video with Brorsoft Video Converter. And now there is no any video playback issue on my S4. If you have some Galaxy S4 unsupported movie files like Xvid AVI, VOB, MTS, MPEG to Samsung Galaxy S4, you can also get the video convert app to converted these files to S4 friendly format on your PC first and then transfer to it. For Mac users, it has an equivalent Mac version Video Converter for Mac.

Three Easy Steps to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC/Mac

1. Windows users should download and install the USB drivers for the Galaxy S4. Mac users do not need to install any software.

2. Connect the device to an available USB port using the included USB cable.

3. A prompt will appear on the screen of the phone. Drag the notification area down, then make a selection based on what you wish to do with the device.

That’s it, if you follow the Galaxy S4 and PC connection instructions correctly, it should work like a charm for you.

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Best solution to open and play VIDEO_TS files on Windows and Mac


If you have ever backed up a DVD to your computer, or have attempted to create a DVD that can play in a regular DVD player, then you are likely familiar with the file structure. If you have a Video_TS folder stored on your Windows and Mac, do you how to play the video files in that folder? In this page, I will tell you how to open and play VIDEO_TS files on Windows and Mac.

A VIDEO_TS file is a DVD folder file, mainly containing all data for the DVD movies. It totally contains three kinds of files inside: VIDEO_TS.IFO, VIDEO_TS.BUP, and VIDEO_TS.VOB.

In order to view or play VIDEO_TS files, one way is to have the best video player software that supports VIDEO_TS files playback, the other way is to convert VIDEO_TS files to playable format for media players. Now I will introduce top 2 ways to view VIDEO_TS files on your computer without any hassles. Just keep on reading.

Solution 1: Use VIDEO_TS Player

You can easily playback your VIDEO_TS files if you have a VIDEO_TS player installed. VideoLAN (VLC Player) will be one of your alternatives. Download this player and follow the below steps to player your VIDEO_TS files.

Step 1. To play a copied/ripped DVD(VIDEO_TS files) from hard disk you can use VideoLAN (VLC Player): Click here to download this player

Step 2. Install it. Start VideoLAN (click Start -> Programs -> VideoLAN -> VLC Media Player)

Step 3. Click File -> Open Directory. Find the VIDEO_TS folder, select it and click OK.

Please note, you have to copy all the ripped data to the right place. Create a VIDEO_TS folder and copy all the ripped files there.

Solution 2: Convert VIDEO_TS to other formats

In order to play VIDEO_TS on Windows (8) or Mac (Mavericks), or other Android, iOS based tablet or phones, you’d better convert your VIDEO_TS file to a compatible format for playback on your current player. You can try Brorsoft DVD Ripper or DVD Ripper for Mac.

Overall, this DVD ripping program enables you to rip and convert DVD disc, DVD VIDEO_TS folder, DVD ISO/IFO files to all popular video formats .wmv, .avi, .mp4, .mpg, etc and even extract audio from DVD movies. Besides, the built-in video editor allows you to trim, crop, add watermarks, etc. to get the very part and effect you want. Just get the right version and follow the guide below to convert VIDEO_TS to a video/audio format you need.

1. Load VIDEO_TS files to the converter

Run the VIDEO_TS Converter and click “Load DVD” to import the VIDEO_TS files you want to convert.


2. Choose output format

For Windows Media Player, just convert the VIDEO_TS to WMV. As for playing VIDEO_TS in QuickTime, the MOV file type is recommended. Of course, you can choose to encode VIDEO_TS to avi, mp4, mkv, flv, etc.


3. Edit your VIDEO_TS files(Optional)

You can click Edit to trim, crop the DVD movies so as to get the part you want or add some special effect on your movie.


4. Start VIDEO_TS to mov, wmv conversion

Hit the “Convert” button to convert VIDEO_TS files in the lower-right corner of the interface. After the conversion, you can play your VIDEO_TS files in your native player easily and smoothly. Enjoy.

How to transfer photo, music, video files wirelessly on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2/3


Personally I hate connecting USB cable for every small thing, NOT to mention sometimes forgot to bring USB cable. In fact, most of us prefer to transfer photos, music, videos, contact, etc WIRELESSLY from computer to android tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab 2/3, Google Nexus 7 or any android phone like Galaxy S4. You can transfer files from android device to PC or Mac wirelessly via WiFi.

Google Play Store has more than couple of popular android apps to transfer files wirelessly. You can access media & transfer media using a browser on your computer.

AirDroid: AirDroid is free android app. I personally like this android app. Interface is nice and clean. This android app does more than just transferring files between your android device and computers.

-Manage & transfer files wirelessly via WiFi. You can also search & delete files from browser.

-Send & receive SMS messages from your browser on your computer. You don’t need to keep your phone in your hands. If you are doing lot of texting. This is a cool feature.

-Manage contacts, ringtones. photos, videos, clipboard etc easily on the big screen in your browser.


Kies Air: Kies Air android app is developed by Samsung. If you have Samsung android device, you most probably have this app. This app also works the same way. You can access files like photos, videos, music etc on your computer using a browser after opening this app.

You can manage & access photos, contacts, ringtones, messages, call log, videos, music etc.


If you have 2 Samsung products like a tablet & a phone, you can transfer files wirelessly using Kies Air. As Kies Air comes pre installed, you don’t need to install any other apps.

Like all these apps, the only requirement is both android device & computer need to be on the same WiFi network. These apps should works for Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab 3, Nexus 7, HTC One X, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Droid Razr and more.

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P.S. The only issue you need to note when transferring videos to Galaxy Tab 2/3 or other Android devices from PC or Mac, you should keep the video files in your Android gadget playable format. For example, when you wanna add MKV, AVI, MTS, MPEG, MOV, VOB to Galaxy Tab 2/3 for smooth playback, first of all, you need to reformat theses video files to a Galaxy Tab 2/3 friendly format e.g. MP4. Or, these transferred files can’t be recognized by your Samsung tab at all. Here I would like to recommend Brorsoft Video Converter to you.

Overall, the program can be used as an all-in-one video conversion app for Android, iOS, Windows 8 tablet or phone. It can help you convert almost various formats of 1080p/720p HD videos including AVI, MKV, MPG, MOV, TiVo, MTS, VOB, DVR-MS, WTV, MVI, etc to the decent format you want. Meanwhile the quality of the converted videos is as good as possible as original. The equivalent Mac version is the Video Converter Mac, which can reformat HD videos on Mac OS X (include Lion and Mountain Lion).

Enjoy your digital life.

Top 5 MKV Players for Mac OS X- Play MKV on Mac easily


MKV like other container format AVI, MP4 can store various video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file. Typically you’ll encounter these with Blu-ray rips or video exported from an HD stream. While, you might have discovered MKV files won’t open in a standard movie player app. No worry though, MKV files can be played on a Mac easily, you just need to download a video player application or codec that supports playing the high quality MKV video format.

In this page, I will cover five excellent free MKV Player for Mac, some are just general movie player apps and some are full-fledged media center applications that will do far more than just playing HD video formats. Ultimately which is the best is up for debate, but since they’re all free there is no reason not to try them all and discover which is best for your specific needs.


The first recommendation is VLC, which will play just about any video or audio file thrown at it and MKV is no exception. It’s a worthwhile app to have on any Mac.


XBMC is another good app to play MKV video, it’s simple interface focuses on media use and it makes a great media console in general. To get the most out of XBMC, copy any MKV video files to the Movies directory in the users home folder and you’ll be able to quickly find them within XBMC.


Plex is very similar to XBMC and works as well. Although it is generally a great media center app, the most recent update took a strange turn and the interface is more confusing than it needs to be. Nonetheless, it still plays MKV files quite well, if you’re going to use it drag and drop the MKV video onto the Plex icon to load the movie, otherwise trying to navigate through Plex’s confusing new menus will likely leave you frustrated and lost.

4. Perian

Perian is a third party Quick Time component that adds support for a huge variety of video formats (including MKV) to Apple’s very own QuickTime Player. It’s easy to install and sits as a preference panel, and once it’s installed there is nothing extra required to use, just open the once unsupported videos in QuickTime Player. Perian is quite good, but some users encounter strange issues with OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion, so this may not be the best solution until Perian gets updated with full support for the latest versions of Mac OS X- Mavericks.

5. MPlayerX

I hadn’t used MPlayerX before, but after several of our readers recommended it in the comments I downloaded the app and gave it a try. Low and behold, MPlayerX works wonderfully to play MKV files, and the interface closely matches QuickTime Players black minimalist theme. Performance was excellent too. This is definitely another worthwhile choice for watching HD video on the Mac, and it’s available free on the Mac App Store. Thanks to everyone who recommended this, this may be my new favorite video player!

Generally, those video player apps can help you to open and view MKV movies on Mac. But some issues still exist: Some users report performance issues with playing MKV from VLC;

Perian can’t support Mavericks 10.9 that means you can play MKV on Mavericks successfully;

More than user claimed that MPlayerX player is not working on OS X Mavericks


Anyhow, if these MKV player for Mac still can’t help you play MKV on Mac(Mavericks) smoothly, an alternative way is to convert MKV to a Mac most compatible format like QuickTime.

In this case, a versatile video converter is in need. Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is such an excellent program that combines video converter, video editor, video player. It is fully compatible with all Mac OS. With it, you can convert MKV videos (HD MKV) to Mac playable files MOV, MP4 with fast speed and high quality. Apart from MKV, it can also convert various other popular video formats including AVI, VOB, WMV, etc to Mac compatible video/audio formats. Read on to have a look at how to convert MKV videos to Mac friendly video.

Main Interface: