Sony PMW-300 XDCAM to iMovie 11 Workflow

An evolution of Sony’s industry leading PMW-EX3, the Sony PMW-300 is able to record 50Mbps HD material in MPEG HD422, meeting broadcast standards around the world. The camcorder can also be upgraded in the future to support Sony’s revolutionary XAVC codec. If you’ve shot XDCAM digital videos with a Sony PMW-300, you might want to import the XDCAM files into your Mac for editing. This article outlines the Sony PMW-300 XDCAM to iMovie workflow. Go through the article, to find some tips and tricks you need.

As you know, all Mac laptops come with the free iMovie application already installed, but you can’t import Sony PMW-300 XDCAM files into iMovie, as the application has to convert the video files into a different codec that it can support. Some guys mention the XDCAM Transfer tool, but as far as know, Sony’s XDCAM Transfer tool but that only seems to transcode to a format supported by Final Cut Pro. So, you will need another tool to help you convert Sony XDCAM to iMovie. Overall, Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended here.

XDCAM Transfer will turn XDCAM files into QT MOV when it copies source files from the camera media to the computer. Well, this XDCAM Converter allows you to convert Sony XDCAM to AIC .mov with zero quality loss for editing in iMovie 08/09/11. Plus, it also supports transcoding Sony XDCAM, XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX to ProRes for FCP, DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere Pro. Download the program and learn how to turn Sony PMW-300 XDCAM to Apple InterMediate Codec for iMovie.

Convert and Import Sony XDCAM footage from PMW-300 to iMovie

1. Import XDCAM video clips Install and run the Sony XDCAM to iMovie converter on Mac, and then click “Add files” icon to import your XDCAM MXF files directly from your camcorder or the copied folder on the desktop.

2. Choose iMovie preferred format Hit the Format box to select the specially designed video codec for editing in iMovie: iMovie/FCE —> Apple InterMediate Codec(AIC) (*.mov) as the optimal output format.

3. Advanced video/audio settings (Optional) Adjust the video and parameters, including the Bitrate of Video and Audio, Audio, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, etc., by clicking the Settings buttion on the main interface.

4. Start Sony XDCAM to iMovie conversion Click the arrow button to start converting Sony XDCAM .MXF footage to AIC for iMovie immediately. After the conversion finished, you can directly transfer the AIC .MOV video to iMovie for further editing without any problem(Just launch iMovie, click Import File > Import > Movies to add your videos.).

Additional Tips: Besides transcoding Sony XDCAM to iMovie, Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac can also convert Sony XDCAM, XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX files (from PMW-EX3, PMW-EX1R, PMW-EX1, PMW-320K, PMW-200, PMW-100, PDW-F800…) to FCP, FCE, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc NLE systems on Mac(Mavericks included). Choose a proper format in the second step.

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Best DVD Ripper for Yosemite- Ripping DVDs on Yosemite Freely

I’m now seeking for a DVD Ripper that works on Mac OS X Yosemite perfectly for ripping DVDs to my iPad Air and iPhone. Searching high and low, I’ve found out the best one. It seems to be the ultimate solution for me. If you also need a DVD Ripper for Yosemite, read on to get it.

Although the upgrade of Mac OS X Yosemite will definitely bring Mac users much fun for enjoying better experience, at the same time, a problem also goes along with it unavoidably: Yosemite’s release maybe means the most common DVD rippers’ elimination due to the system compatibility. As a result, Mac 10.10 users need to look for a proper DVD Ripper working fine on Yosemite. The commonly used MakeMKV, Handbrake won’t work on Mac Yosemite as I expect. Eventually, I found Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Mac is the best solution for you.

Constantly updated to fit with the latest technology, this DVD ripping software is fully compatible with Mac’s latest OS X 10.9 Mavericks and can also rip DVD movies on Yosemite effectively. It lets you rip and convert DVD movies to virtually any popular video formats like MOV, MP4, M4V and more. Compared to other Mac Yosemite DVD ripping tools, Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Mac supports more output choices. Apart from that, it also provides optimized presets for various mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle Fire, Android smart phones, PSP, Xbox and more. The conversion speed for the Mac program is high same as quality of the converted files. Just get it and follow the step-by-step guide to rip and convert DVD on Mac OS Yosemite in a few clicks.

Download the top DVD Ripper for Mac Yosemite:

How to Rip/Convert DVDs on Yosemite with Best Mac Yosemite DVD Ripper

Step 1. Load DVD movies

Insert a source DVD in optical drive. Install and launch the excellent Yosemite DVD Ripper, click disc button to load DVD movies. You can select subtitles and audio track (English, French, German, Spanish…) for each chapter. Forced subtitles can be attained, too.

Step 2. Set output format

Click on “Format” bar to select output format. Here you can choose rip DVD to mov, mpeg-4, mpeg-2, mpg, flv, avi, mkv, wmv, etc on Mac OS X Yosemite. iPad, Apple TV, PS3, Galaxy Tab, Nook HD, etc preset profiles are provides as well.

Step 3. Start ripping DVD on Mac OS X Yosemite

Click “Convert” button to start converting, copying DVD movie on Yosemite Mac OS X 10.10. After conversion click “Open” to find converted movie on Mac. Enjoy.

Additional Tips:
If you wanna a all-in-one Blu-ray, DVD, HD video convert program for your Mac OS X Yosemite, Brorsoft iMedia Converter for Mac is a best choice.

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VOB to Roku 3- Playing VOB files on Roku 3 easily

I’ve talked about how to get AVI videos onto Roku 3 with smooth playback before. Well, in fact I have a lot of video files, mostly .vob from my DVD collection. I cannot find a clear answer on if and how well the Roku 3 will play these VOB files using the USB port with a flash drive. So how can I play VOB files on Roku 3 easily? I have scoured the internet, tried everything I could find.

Solution 1: Rename VOB to MPG

Some guys mentioned Roku should be able to play VOB files. The problem is – the Roku software isn’t looking for .VOB extensions, so it doesn’t know to play them. All we have to do is rename their extension to .MPG (which of course will screw up all your other *real* DVD player software) and the Roku 3 will play them.

Result: I’ve tried the way, but no luck.

Solution 2: Convert VOB to Roku3 more friendly format

There’s an other workaround that can make VOB movies playable on Roku 3- Encode VOB to Roku 3 officially supported MP4 videos.

Result: I’ve achieved the success playing VOB on Roku 3

The complete guide about how to convert VOB to Roku 3 supported file format

Download Brorsoft Video Converter (or the Mac version.)

The software has a codec pack that enables conversion between different video and audio file formats, it can convert VOB , AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, MPG, etc to Roku 3 supported file format such as mp4 with the best quality.

1. Start video converter, drag and drop the VOB files to the software window to import.

2. Click Format > Common Video and set output video format as mp4. The reason mp4 is the target format is that by packing the videos in mp4, the file size will be reasonable small and the video quality remains

Tip: Click Settings icon, you can adjust the video, audio parameters, such as changing the aspect ratio or specifying the video resolution.

3. Hit the Convert button to start converting VOB to Roku 3 playable MP4 video.

After the conversion, transfer the converted videos to Roku’s SD card or to a USB stick that can be attached to Roku 3 streaming player. Now you can enjoy VOB movies with Roku 3 at ease.

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Copy MKV files to iPad Mini 3 with iTunes 12

The new iPad Mini 3 is smaller, faster and better. And it’s incredibly capable. For those movie fans, you can take it anywhere to play your videos. With 7.9 inch screen 2048 x 1536 resolution, it can enhance the visual enjoyment. In this article, I will talk about how to transfer MKV to iPad Mini 3 with iTunes 12 easily.

iPad Mini 3 is perfectly suitable for watching movies; while, the point here is, the default or downloaded player on iPad Mini 3 cannot find a suitable decoder for your MKV file especially some MKV videos encoded in DTS audio.  If you want to play MKV videos on iPad Mini 3, you will need an utility– Brorosft Video Converter, which can help you encode MKV to iTunes(iPad Mini 3) friendly format and then sync to iPad Mini 3 with ease.

Overall, the program is very easy to use and can produce excellent results for the iPad Mini 3. Conversion speed seems fine and the converted videos look decent on iPad as original. Apart from encoding MKV to Mini 3, it also can aid you to batch convert kinds of 720p, 1080p HD videos in various formats like MPG, FLV, AVI, MTS, WMV, TiVo, MXF, VOB, etc. The equivalent Mac version is Mac Video Converter. Just get the right one according to your situation.

How to Sync MKV to iPad Mini 3 easily and quickly

1. Add MKV videos

Download and install the best  MKV to iPad Mini 3 Converter, then launch it. Afterwards, directly drag and drop MKV files to the program. Or you can tap the “Add” button to import files. Batch conversion is available, so you can add several files at one time.

2. Select best format for iPad Mini 3

Set output video file format for your device. Here you can go to Format > iPad and then select “iPad > iPad Mini HD Video (*.mp4)” for your iPad Min 3.

3. Adjust video, audio settings

Tap the “Settings” icon and you can adjust codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel in the interface according to your needs and optimize the output file quality. In usual, 1280*720 video size, 1000~2000 video bitrate is proper. You’d better keep a good balance of the video size and quality.

4. Start MKV conversion

Hit the big Convert bar to start the MKV to iPad Mini 3 conversion. The conversion time mainly depends on your source video file size.

After getting the converted movies files, you can transfer the converted MKV files to iPad Mini 3 via iTunes 12. And you can find your videos in “Home Videos” under “Movies” category.

You’ve done. Now you can start playing MKV movies on iPad Mini 3 anywhere you want them. Enjoy.

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MKV to Chromecast- How to cast local MKV files through Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast turns me on, but it doesn’t really compel me as I’ve got several streaming solutions in my home. At least, that’s what I thought until I read Thursday that Chromecast can play video files on any computer connected to the streaming dongle. While, based on what I have found it’s not easy to cast MKV files through Chromecast. So, I’m eager to find a solid way of casting mkv files.

As far as I know, to access files hosted on the computer and play them on a Chromecast-enabled TV, a Chrome user simply needs to access their file directory by hitting Ctrl+O (or Command+O on a Mac) and select the desired video file. Voila! Playback. You can also just drag and drop the video into the Chrome Web browser. Astute Chromecast users have already figured out that the Chromecast can stream AVI, MPEG, and MP4 video files from their computers, but it appears MKV only play video, with no audio via Chromecast.

By further searching I got an answer from Reddit forum. The guys recommend trying convert MKV file to .mp4 instead of .mkv, and then opening with the browser. Not foolproof by any means, but it has worked for around 80% of the files that have tried it with. Probably, the MKV files that contains DTS audio that can be supported by Chromecast.

Below is the step-by-step guide how to convert and stream MKV movies to Chromecast.

To begin, free download Brorsoft Video Converter or  Video Converter for Mac.

Thee software has a codec pack that enables conversion between different video and audio file formats. It is very capable and convenient in converting your MKV(DTS) to MP4, AVI, MPEG, M4V and more other digital format for Chromecast with the best quality.

Step 1. Start the video converter, drag and drop the MKV files to the software window to import.

Step 2. Click Format bar and set the output video format as MP4, AVI, MPEG, etc. Among which mp4 is a really good file format for watching, it kept the file size down without compromising in video quality.

Tip: If you like to tweak a little, in the settings, you are allowed to change the frame rate, resolution, bitrate and other specifications of the videos, if the tech terms look taunting to you, proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Click “start” to convert mkv to mp4. After the conversion, try open a new tab in chrome and drag a converted .mp4 movie to the address bar, and use Google cast to send the movie to Chromecast. Enjoy.

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How to stream videos to PS3/Xbox 360 from NAS

Owing a NAS, but do you know how to get the most out of your NAS? This article focuses on how to stream videos to PS3/Xbox 360 from NAS. If you have the interest, go on to find something you want.

As we know, A lot of NAS devices offer streaming to Xbox and PS3 devices, but what they don’t do is convert your videos to be compatible with your console. So, before dumping your videos on your NAS for streaming to a console, you’ll need to make sure they’ve been converted to an appropriate format. 

The Xbox 360 and PS3 now support a multitude of file formats. If your files aren’t encoded in the appropriate format, the safest bet is to convert them to h.264 videos with an .mp4 file extension. But you don’t have to worry much about the specifics here—just download the professional video conversion utility Brorsoft Video Converter, which has video conversion presets for the major consoles. The try before you buy aspect of this product makes it an easy purchase decision. What impressed me the most about my experience is that this video converter provides the built-in output profiles for PS3, PS Vita, Xbox, making the conversion much easier and efficient. For Mac users, please turn to Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac. Download the software and let’s start the conversion.

How to convert videos for NAS to play on PS3/Xbox 360

1-> Install and launch NAS Video Converter, and then click “Add” button to load the video files you wanna convert. MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPG, MOV, VOB, 3GP, MTS and more video formats are supported.

2-> Click on the dropdown menu of “Format” and then select the out format. For PS3, there are multiple choices there like PS3 Video(480p) MPEG-4(*.mp4), PS3 Video(7200p) MPEG-4(*.mp4) and more, choose a proper one. For Xbox 360, just choose Xbox 360 Video- Windows Media Video(*.wmv).

3-> If you are not satisfied with the presets, you can click “Settings” to change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish. For stream videos from NAS, you’d better keep a balance between video quality and file size.

4-> When all settings are done, simply click the Start button to begin the video conversion for NAS. You will get the files converted ready in a few minutes. Afterwards, you can stream kinds of video files like MKV, WMV, AVI, MPG, VOB… to PS3, Xbox 360 from NAS quickly and easily.

Additional Tips: If you wanna streaming movies from NAS to TV, iPad, Android devices, Brorsoft’s Video Converter can also help you make it. Just converting your movie files to a format that both compatible with NAS and your media devices.

Import M2TS to Adobe Premiere Pro CC/CS6/CS5/CS4

When I got some video files for making a film, my first thought was to do it through Premiere; however, all the clips are .m2ts and my Premiere decides to not include the audio, I’ve googled and haven’t been able to come to a conclusion on how to fix this problem. I’ve posted the .M2TS to Premiere Pro issue in a relevant forum, more that one people give me a way- convert M2TS to a different format like MPEG-2, MOV for Adobe Premiere Pro. It would take some time, however once converted they seem to work. Now I will share the way to convert M2TS to Premiere Pro CC/CS6/CS5/CS4 for smooth editing in simple steps. Anyone who has the similar issue, try the way.

First of all, download the video app Brosroft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac

It is a highly-recommended video converting tool for you to transcode MTS/M2TS files to Adobe Premiere (CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC included) compatible format like MPEG-2 without loosing quality. With it, you can convert any video shooting in party or birthday with AVCHD camcorders to popular video format like MOV, AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, etc. What’s more, the conversion is easy to handle and only with a few simple clicks, you can finish the conversion without facing any glitches. For Windows user, please get MTS/M2TS Converter. Download the program and you can edit M2TS files in Adobe Premiere Pro smoothly as you wish without any issue.

Rewrap M2TS videos to Adobe Premiere Pro acceptable format

1. Import MTS files Run the Mac M2TS to Premiere Pro converter and click the Add Files button to import the .m2ts videos to be converted. The converter supports converting multiple files at a time.

2. Choose the output format Click “Format” drop-down bar to select a proper video format. To edit AVCHD .m2ts videos in Adobe Premiere, we recommend “Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MPEG-2 (*.mpg)”, which is the suitable one.

Tip: The Mac MTS Converter enables users to adjust audio and video settings before transcoding M2TS files to MPEG-2. Click “Settings” button, then you will enter the following interface, on which you are allowed to customize size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel to your required ones.

3. Start conversion Click the “Convert” button to start transcoding M2TS to .mpg files effortlessly. Launch Premiere Pro on your Mac, choose “File > Import to import converted MTS files in Adobe Premiere Pro CC/CS6/CS5/CS4 for further editing.

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Solution to can’t add MP4 files to iTunes 12 issue

There’s issue that troubled me for days. iTunes 12 won’t add mp4 video files to the library. Got some tech support for Apple support, I’ve figured out a fast way to enable MP4 imported to iTunes 12 easily, so that I can play or sync the MP4 media via iTunes as what I want.

MP4, as a container format, differs in video codec. If your MP4 files are rejected by iTunes, it’s most likely the codecs in MP4 files are unaccepted by iTunes. To copy MP4 to iTunes 12, you will need to convert MP4 to iTunes compatible video, audio codec. Here I used a great video converting tool- Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac to accomplish the task.

This MP4 to iTunes 12 video converter has optimized presets to let you set output format both compatible with iTunes but also with your corresponding Apple device including iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV. So you don’t need to pay any extra attention to the video, audio codec the output videos should contain- in other words, you no longer need to worry about if the output videos are compatible with iTunes and iOS devices or not. This video converter brings you the 100% compatible format for your iTunes 12 and Apple devices. Plus, with it built-in editor, you can just edit your MP4 video to make your own movie by trimming, adding effects, adding subtitle, etc. To encode MP4 to iTunes 12 on Windows, please get MP4 to iTunes Converter for Windows.

How to Converter MP4 to iTunes 12 MP4 Codec

1. To import your local MP4 video files to this app for video conversion, you have two optional ways. One is to hit the Add menu to browse your computer to select and import your MP4 files. The Secord one is to directly drag and drop your local MP4 files to this program.

2. Click Format bar you can set MP4, M4V, MOV from Common Video as target format.

Tips: In order to make the output files 100% supported by iTunes, the directly-optimized pre-settings are strongly recommended. Selecting one of them as the output format is the best choice for you, so you don’t worry about the video codec error. Click Format bar, and then go to the “iPad”, “iPhone”, “Apple TV” category to select the Apple device model you want. The output format is not only fully compatible with iTunes, but also suitable for the corresponding Apple device best.

3. Press the “Convert” button on the bottom-right corner of this app’s interface. By doing this, you’re asking this app to start converting your MP4 files to iTunes 12. Next, you can let it do the resting thing in the background.

Editor’s Note: For iTunes 12 users, it would be a bit different as the old version. When you add movies to iTunes 12, you can check the Home Videos Tab under Movies. Your movies should be there.

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Tricks for importing MPEG-4(.mp4) into Windows Movie Maker

I want to edit a bunch of clips and put them together in Windows Movie Maker, but all of my clips are in MP4 format. I know WMM only accepts formats such as .wmv or .avi or whatever. I want to know if there is a way to put the MP4 to Windows Movie Maker directly. How can I edit MP4 files in Windows Movie Maker beautifully?

I’ve seen a lot of stuff about codecs online. Well, what codecs should we use? Where do we download a usable MP4 codec for Windows Movie Maker? For these problems, many people as I feel very helpless. Lately, I turned attention to converting MP4 to Windows Movie Maker fully supported video.

If you also don’t want to spend time and effort to understand these complicated codecs and download them for video editing in Movie Maker, just download and use Brorsoft Video Converter, which is able to resolve your trouble effortlessly. Overall, this video app can help you convert MP4 into a different format (e.g. .wmv, .avi) with least quality loss. You should then be able to import the new file into Windows Movie Maker with smooth editing without any trouble.

How to Convert MP4 to Windows Movie Maker Editable Format

1. Import MP4 files Run the MP4 to Windows Movie Maker Coverer; click the Add button to load MP4 files to the program from your computer. You can also directly drag the video files into the program directly.

2. Select the output format Hit the Format box and select HD Video –>WMV HD(*.wmv) on the dropdown menu as output format. Besides, you can also choose Divx HD(*.avi) as output if you have not installed the .wmv codec.

3. Adjust video settings(optinal) If you like, adjust video and audio parameters, including the Bitrate of Video and Audio, the Codec of Video and Audio, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, etc., by clicking the Settings button on the main interface for getting the best quality.

4. Start conversion Simply click the Convert button to start converting MP4 video to Windows Movie Maker friendly video formats.

Within several minutes, the conversion would be finished and you can find the converted file on your computer by clicking the “Open” button. And then you can import the converted files to Windows Movie Make for editing via its “Import video” option. Enjoy.

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