Nexus 10 video playback tips- Stream films from Nexus 10 to TV wirelessly


I am an Android guy through and through. I am in the market for a tablet and leaning towards a 10 incher, specifically the Nexus 10. However it is 2012, the wireless age, and I want the ability to stream any and all of my media from my tablet to my HDTV and home stereo system, from any place in the house.

I think most of you may also be crazy for wanting to stream HD Youtube videos to the big screen from your couch, kitchen, etc. Be crazy for wanting to stream music with a solid interface from your tablet ANYWHERE in the house to your surround stereo receiver. Miracast is similar to AirPlay. It was announced with Jelly Bean 4.2 android OS. Nexus 4 officially supports Miracast. Nexus 10 tablet was supposed to have Miracast builtin, but frustratingly it does not seem to. It might be available as update in the near future. So, how to stream films from Nexus 10 to TV wirelessly?

How to connect Nexus 10 to TV using android apps similar to AirPlay

You can use android apps and WiFi to connect Nexus to TV. Your TV needs to be DLNA ready. If Your TV is not DLNA ready, You can use any other devices like Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, Blu-ray Players etc to connect Nexus 10 to TV. These Android apps for AirPlay include iMediaShare Lite, Twonky, doubletwist & AirSync etc. You can stream music, photos, videos from Nexus 10 to TV and most home devices.

Here I have successfully connect Nexus 10 to TV via Apple TV using AirSync

AirSync is a paid app and costs $5. It is the most loved app for AirPlay. If you have an Apple TV and android phone or tablet like Nexus 7, Nexus 10, this app is a must to stream videos, music, photos on to your big screen TV.

a. Download & Install AirSync from Google Play Store to your Nexus 10 Tablet.

b. Enable AirPlay by going into Air Sync Settings > Air Twist & Air Play > Enable Streaming

c. In the “Allow Network” popup, Tap Allow to allow AirTwist to use WiFi connection.

d. Play music or video on your Nexus 10, you will see a new WiFi like icon. Tap on this icon & select “Apple TV” in the popup. This icon appears in landscape mode only for videos.

e. You should see music or video playing on your TV.


Aside Notes:

1. AirSync AirPlay works for Apple TV 2nd and Apple TV 3rd generations only. That was easy setup to connect Nexus 10 to TV for video/music/photo streaming. This app also syncs your iTunes playlists & songs & videos between your android Nexus 10 tablet or android phone with PC or Mac. I will go to try from the other apps and see if it works.

2. Some other video playback tips for Nexus 10:

Once I got some personal video files on my computer and want to transfer them to Nexus 10 for playback on the go. While, the Nexus 10 video format is limited to MPEG4, H.263, and H.264, so MKV, WMV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, MTS, M2TS, MOD, TiVo, VOB are not recognized by Nexus 10. I need to format these files first. The best Nexus 10 Video Converter from Brorsoft is the app I’m using to help me get rid of the problem. It helps me convert any video to Nexus 10 format like MP4 at ultra fast speed with the best quality video. If you are facing the same problem, try it.

Have a good time.