The top 5 best Android Gaming Tablet Reviews and Tips


As the development of new chips, it delivers zippier performance, smoother gaming, faster Web surfing, and longer-lasting battery life, which will soon make their way into new Android tablets. And we find that gaming is an increasingly popular way tablet owners are spending time with their devices. The gaming experience on Android tablets has improved in just the last year, and it’s bound to only get faster, smoother, and prettier (and hopefully even more fun).

If you’re looking for an Android tablet that can deliver impressive graphics now, we’ve got you covered. We gathered every high-performance tablet we could find and put them to the test. Below are our top FIVE best Gaming Tablets.

We’ve listed each tablet with as much pertinent-to-gaming-performance information as we could think of and have listed them here in order, from weakest to strongest based on benchmark scores derived from 3DMark.

3DMark runs a canned demo of a simulated sci-fi game called Ice Storm. The 3DMark scores are determined by three tests: two focusing on GPU speed and another on CPU performance. The tests were run on each tablet a few times, and the chart below represents the highest score for each tablet, with higher scores indicating faster performance. Continue reading