The best way to put MKV files in DTS audio to Galaxy S4 for HD playback


I tried playing a sample in my Galaxy S4 that I just got. I was surprised to see that there was no audio on it. The video is awesome. There is no audio on speaker or on headset or with a 5.1 head set. I am trying my best to get the audio on HD files. I checked other 1080p or 720p MKV Files, and tried to install the Dice Player to hope it does that. Whereas, a big pity, I played some 1080p .mkv with Dice Player (it says it can play .mkv files), but still no audio on Galaxy S4.

Searching further and widely; some guys’ words give me a hint. “You are aware that MKV is merely the container for the audio and video streams? It gives no actual guarantee as to what the audio stream has been coded as. You would need to check that and see if the S4 supports that audio format…” Continue reading