MKV DTS on iPad Air | What app?- How to play MKV DTS on iPad


When I got my iPad Air, I want to watch MKV DTS on it. So, I need to figure out is there any app that decodes all this? Based on previous experience, I found most apps are limited by the unsupported DTS .

As MKV is not a default format for Apple iPad(as well as iPhone, Apple TV), what you can do is to install a IOS7 media player that plays nicely with MKVs and Dolby and DTS, etc. Based on many guys’ recommendations here – I grabbed a copy of ‘nPlayer’ for my iPad Air. A few notes and issues:

1. If using uPnp for the Seagate Wifi Portable HDD – and using uPnp on your home network, REMEMBER to ‘delete / remove / de-link’ the portable Seagate Wifi from nPlayer after usage. If you then attempt to connect to your home network – nPlayer will refuse to ‘scan’ the network and you’ll need to close the app and reconnect with your Portable Wifi HDD. ANNOYING.

2. nPlayer has issues streaming some files via my home network : plays the first 2 secs on some MP4 youtube-saved music videos (even though it knows the clip’s time !!). Not sure what / why it’s doing that (appears not to be grabbing the whole file – unlike GPlayer which provides a % percentage when loading the file into the player).

3. AH… fantastic to play .avi/.mkv files without having to re-encode. While, nPlayer can’t play mkv’s that have DTS.

Well, since DTS encoded MKV files are not supported well yet with these 3rd party video player apps on iPad. An alternative method is to convert MKV with DTS to iPad playable format .i.e MP4, MOV, M4V (.*aac audio).

Step by step guide to play MKV with DTS on iPad(iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 3)

Download and install Brorsoft Video Converter(Click here if you are a Mac user.), which supports to convert MKV DTS to regular file format for mobile devices. Fast and smooth performance. It helps me batch convert 5+ MKV videos to my iPad Air readable MP4 video. It’s freely to adjust the video, audio parameters to get a decent output video that I want. By the way, it provides the optimal presets for iPad Mini, iPad 3/4, iPad 2. If you own any one of them, just select the certain profile.

1. Run the video converter for MKV with dts and click add button to load the MKV files.


2. Set output video file format as “iPad > iPad Video H.264 Video (*.mp4)”. or choose one that fit yours’.


Tip- Advanced Settings: Tap the “Settings” icon and you can adjust codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel in the interface according to your needs and optimize the output file quality. In usual, 1280*720 video size, 1000~2000 video bitrate is proper. You’d better keep a good balance of the video size and quality.

3. Hit “convert” to start converting MKV with dts audio to iPad friendly video. Follow the conversion process by the pop-up windows. After the conversion, you can get your iPad play MKV DTS files beautifully without any hassle. Enjoy.

QUCIK LEARN: What is DTS audio?

Multi-channel audio file encoded with dts format. saves five audio track used for surrounding sound. In order to play dts audio, the output speaker must support 5 channel audio. iPad doesn’t support dts surrounding sound considering its nature as a mobile media player. To play dts audio on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, the dts audio or dts audio contained in a MKV movie files must be converted to iPad supported file format.