Panasonic GH5 4K to Premiere Pro CC Best Workflow


I’ve upgraded my Panasonic GH4 to GH5. I expect have a smooth postproduction. However, when I load the 4K files from Panasonic GH5 to Premiere Pro CC, failed. So, what’s the best solution to work GH5 4K videos with Premiere CC smoothly? How can I have a smooth GH5 4k to Premiere workflow?

In fact, as someone suggested online, to edit GH5 4K MP4 or MOV files in Premiere Pro CC, we’d better transcode GH5 4K footage to a more editable format like MPEG2. The basic reason is that H.264 MP4/MOV file format from Panasonic GH5 is beyond the compatibility of Adobe Premiere Pro. Something else, Premiere Pro CC can (usually) handle 4K files without much problem, but it is extremely hardware intensive.

Along with some help from third-party software like Brorsoft Video Converter you can make it. It will be the best way to get GH5 4K footage into Adobe Premiere Pro without losing quality. With it, you can transcode 4K .mp4 or .mov files from GH5 to Premiere Pro natively supported media format with fast encoding speed and without quality loss. What’s more, this video converter also provides the optimal presets like DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, MPEG-2 for Sony Vegas Pro, etc. For transcoding GH5 videos on Mac OS X, you can get the Video Converter for Mac.

How to convert Panasonic GH5 4K files for editing Premiere Pro CC

Step 1: Launch the GH5 to Premiere Pro Converter. Click “Add” icon to load 4K mp4 or mov files. If you would like to join all the selected files together, check the box of Merge into one.

Step 2: Choose output format. This video converter offers optimized format preset for Adobe Premiere Pro. Just click “Format” menu firstly and then follow “Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas” to set MPG format.

Tip : You can adjust video and audio parameters, including the Bitrate of Video and Audio, the Codec of Video and Audio, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, etc., in the Profile Settings.

Step 3: Click “Convert” button to transcode Panasonic GH5 4K files to Premiere Pro CC.

Once the conversion done, you can click “Open” button to get the output files effortlessly. Now you have got it right, just to import and edit Panasonic GH5 clips in Adobe Premiere Pro CC without hassle.

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