How to sync movie, video, music to iPhone 6(Plus) from PC/Mac

Just got a brand-new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, right? Before you get to playing with your new device, you’ll probably want to get to know it and set it up. In this article we focus on the tips and tricks for transferring movie, video, music to iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus.

Method A. Sync movies to iPhone 6 (Plus) via iTunes

Step 1: Plug iPhone 6 (Plus) into computer via the USB cable…
Step 2: Click “File > Add Files to Library” at the upper left corner of the window…
Step 4: Click on Movies in iTunes Library, right click and Paste the movies.
Step 5: Click on your iPhone name in iTunes, choose Video tab and click on Sync Movies, choose the movies you want to sync to your iPhone 6 (Plus). Then click Sync.

Note: For those who also wanna sync music to iPhone 6. Do as below: Highlight your iPhone in the sidebar of iTunes, then select the Summary page on the right side of iTunes. Select the option to “Manually manage music and videos.” Re-sync. It works.

Method B. Stream videos/movies to iPhone 6 (Plus) via Air Playit

Air Playit is a handy free music videos streaming app focusing on streaming various videos, movies and music files to iPhone iPad, iPod as well as Android devices via WiFi and 3G/4G network. It works well for both Windows and Mac computers, which means that users can stream music and videos from PC/Mac to iPhone 6 (Plus).

1. Open Air Playit server and click Shared Folders tag. Click “Add Folder” button for importing movie or video folders on your PC/Mac. Also, you can set permissions to allow others to access the shared folder.

2.  Open Air Playit app on iPhone 6/6 Plus to connect server. Because of Bonjour service, the server on your PC/Mac will be automatically detected. If you want to connect server on other computer, please specify IP address.

3. Select server and get shared folder. Open this folder and choose your favorite video and movie to play.

Method C. Transfer media files to iPhone 6 (Plus) from computer via iCloud

If you have other iOS devices running iOS 8 and have iCloud backups, you can log in iCloud on your new iPhone 6 (Plus) (go to Setting -> iCloud -> Enter your Apple ID info -> then you will get a iCloud terms doc, agree it) and restore the iCloud backup on the device.

Now you can successfully enjoy viewing media files transferred from computer on your iPhone 6 (Plus)!

Editor’s Note:

As you know, all the iOS devices can only support MP4, MOV, M4V format. If your video files on your computer aren’t supported by iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you need to convert various music and videos to iPhone 6 (Plus) friendly formats.

Here you can go to download and install the best iPhone 6 Video Converter(compatible with Windows and Mac) on your computer. This video converter is the one I’m using now that helps me convert any HD video like MKV, MTS, M2TS, MPG, VOB, TiVo, FLV, AVI, WMV, etc to iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus at ultra fast speed with high output quality. Plus, this video converter allows you to edit your video files like cropping, trimming, adding 3D effect, adding image/video/text watermark, etc as you need. Have a good experience on your iPhone 6.